Hello guys,

Know what, out of 5 letters i sent to nst, 3 were published. The latest one which is the previous post i published here ‘Don’t Lower the Benchmark’ regarding to the issue of the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s decision to lower down the minimum requirement for students from remote and rural areas to 3As and 4As respectively. The letter I sent was published in the newspaper dated on 8th of September 2011, just a few days when I sent to nst via email. Good thing is, they didn’t cut it much 🙂

Anddddddd, it certainly provided a heated debate. Like usual, I’ll go to the staff room to collect the newspaper from Ms Sherry. She greeted me with saying there’s two people replied to your letter, and both of them disagreed with you. I was like okaaaaay haha thinking what went wrong but the matter of giving opinion is not always wrong (except when you’re trying to influence everyone on ‘false’ fact through a speech (Mat Sabu anyone?).

The letter from Husain Anas certainly provided a few opinions on why he felt that there’s a need of putting down the minimum requirement for these students in order to give them more chance. He also stated that the state of the student, of where poverty and malnutrition are among the few factors that unable them to score as much as the city boys who are provided with comfortable living and tuition and extra classes. Fair enough. He also questioned on the point of problem of selection as he said the policy of the selection is good enough and had been in decade.

But maybe he forgot that before, the minimum requirement was 3As and the gov decided to change to 4As and then to 5As as more and more students achieve the result. And that’s not all, the gov even included the achievements of co curricular activities and leadership in the selection process so they will not choose geeks and nerds. And still, they have the difficulties in choosing the best of the best.

So tell me how it would not affect the selection process when you put students with 3As and 4As in the list?

And the latter said about how rural students can succeed with offended tone. I’m sorry dude but that’s not what I meant. What I meant is  that the students can get 5As eventho they are from rural area. like what adidas and almost all people said “Nothing is impossible” haha is a matter of putting more effort. right?