So here we are, back fresh with the government after being ‘governmentless’ for quite some time. As usual, there are winners and losers, new fresh faces and the same old people in the government. The elections this year turned out to be the most heated, the most electrifying and (maybe) the dirtiest election that Malaysia ever had (tho, it’s up to each individual’s to give on their opinions in describing the election).

Yet, I am not here to ‘cakap kosong’ about what happened during the election that we do not know because firstly, who am I to give full reports on the election and second, I was not even a voter as I am still underage!

But what my view is that this election had been something that people did not expect in the outcome at all. Unlike before, this election was not an election to see how well the government did but more to how bad did the government performed since 2008. And we can see it’s pretty bad of a government we had.

Tho, I must acknowledge government’s effort in trying to help the people in need through the BB1m, BR1m, Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia etc but if you see, it’s merely just another way of Najib trying to emulate his dad, Tun Abd Razak. Yet, his efforts were much regarded in rural areas since getting rm500 and such is like getting gold from the sky. Yet, the urban peeps knew it well that all that  is only for short term. RM500 will not remain forever unlike Tun Abdul Razak’s brainchild of RISDA (now known as MARA) to help those who are poor especially the Malay. So, we can say that the government’s effort is  only relevant at rural areas but failed to attract the urban voters. That’s why the BN failed to win in urban areas. To give you an example, let’s take the state where often handed many Parliamentary seats to the BN, Sarawak. Sarikei, Limbang, all the rural parts you name it are all under BN but when it come to Kuching and Miri, the seats went to the opposition.

At a place where people are so poor and worked really hard to feed their family, rm500 is like a gold. To be honest, if my family were to get the BR1m, it’ll be spent off only in one day just to buy groceries. So how long will the BN rely on the poors and villagers from the rurals to gain votes? Long enough until the people at rural areas become developed and day “Hey, we dont want rm500. We just want projects that can give us thousands of ringgit.” True that!

Another factor is the Chinese factor. I am not here to say about the Chinese Tsunami where people said the the Chinese are more bent towards the opposition since they are anti-Malay. SCREW THAT! It was never like that. What people are missing here is that it wasn’t a Malay candidate  from BN vs Chinese candidate from DAP (except for Gelang Patah where Kit Siang won) and the Chinese prefered the Chinese. No problem with that if that happens but we’re talking about same races competing and the Chinese candidates from DAP got the upperhand on their opponent from MCA. Why does that happen? To get the answer, let’s analyze how’s MCA’s performance. A dispute in top positions, a president whose his sex video went viral and all the ‘cakap kosong’, pretty f*cked up i guess (Sorry for my language). I mean come on, at other countries, when your sex video went viral on internet, then it’s the end of your career. Hilariously, the president of MCA, Chua Soi Lek is still standing, leading the MCA for the election (tho he’ll resign at the end of this year). People are questioning, what is MCA’s role in the BN? I’m asking you now. What have MCA been doing for these past years except for ‘gaduh mulut’ with their DAP compatriots? What is the relevance of the MCA in BN and for the Chinese community? DAP has strong leaders of Kit Siang and Guan Eng who’ll never back down against any challenges and are looking more to challenge rather than being challenged. MCA has Soi Lek. Wait, what did he do again?

Growing up with my Chinese friends during my primary school life, I learnt that the Chinese are the people who are constantly thriving to move forward and always maintain top performance in academics. The Chinese are people who are always looking for challenges and challenging others just to succeed. Those qualities are present in DAP leaders but not at MCA’s. Given the pressure from the people and the propagandas of the media to potray Guan Eng’s bad leadership, the PR still almost managed to sweep all the seats at Penang. BN need to re-enforce the MCA to be an again dominant party for the Chinese or otherwise, MCA will be as irrelevant as the Internet Explorer.

Finally, I think much to the achievement of the opposition is their use of social media. Twitter especially. PR leaders like DS Anwar Ibrahim, Rafizi Ramli had taken twitter as the medium to gain supports and giving out the ‘truth’. Maybe the government didnt realize that the news at tv and popular newspapers such as NST, BH and Utusan are very much pro-gov. People are no longer buying the news of how fucked up the oppositions because in truth, they were progressing. Sadly, in a democratic country, our medias are still being controlled by the government. Good thing social media isnt or we’ll end up like China and North Korea.

I once went to Australia with family for two weeks. There, I got a chance to watch the tv at Malaysia Hall Melbourne. During the advertistment period, there was this brief advertistment around 1-2 minutes stating on the failures of the Julia Gillard’s government and how the opposition, led by Tony Abbott could help the people. After the advertistment was over, the government’s advertistment came in. I was very impressed since we do not have this in Malaysia. Sadly, after 55 years of democracy, still no freedom for the media.  People are aware of this and are getting pissed off. People dont take news from tv3 seriously (except for Sports and tragedies) because they know it ain’t 100% true. So DSAI and Rafizi did what others did not, use the social media and gained handful of followers and of course, their votes too. Genious, visionary and smart. My hats off for them.

So, those are my overview on the elections. It may not be accurate, matured or whatever but I’m only a boy turning 18 this year studying Petroleum Engineering. What do you expect? Haha. But what I hope for the next election where I will be eligible to vote is a much cleaner election and freedom of the medias for all parties. That way, we’ll have a healtier competition. Salam.

footer: Throwback DS Anwar Ibrahim’s speech at University of Sydney, 2010.