The idea to write about this entry came after I read this book of Benjamin Hoff, the Tao of Pooh. For starters, Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy that promotes peace in life through well, just be as it is which, sadly, often regarded as complecency.


So in this book, the notable characters of Winnie-the-Pooh and friends all have different personalities. Easy to say, each and everyone of them resembles each type of person in our society, as described by the pedagogy of Taoism.


Maybe the character that attracted me the most (apart from Pooh, the main character of course) is Eeyore, the grey depressed-looking donkey who resembles the character full of glooms, critism and demotivation.


“The play-it-safe pessimists of the world never accomplish much of anything, because they don’t look clearly and objectively at situations, they don’t recognize or believe in their own abilities to overcome even the smallest amount of risk.”

― Benjamin Hoff, The Tao of Pooh


You see, Eeyore is a perfect example of pessimistic people, who are there, knowing they are not good enough for themselves or for the people. That is where these kind of people, having the thoughts of others are no better, are the ones that will throw critism and demoivational remarks to others.


And quite sadly, people with Eeyore attitude are around us, not achieving anything and continue to drag us with them. These are the people that will always find problems with every single thing in this world, blaming the universe as what it is.


Though there is always an inherent existence of critics in our society, the prospect of having a positive minded society will always be like chasing the stars, nice and sweet to hear but impossible to do so. And not having a positive minded society will make each and everyone of us be in a state of detriments.


The nascent negative attitude is getting worse time by time, our society is much more interested to hear the negative things rather than the positive, with media as the prime criminal. As a fact, media that disseminates the most derogatory remarks about certain famous people (or easier to say, controversies and gossips) will be the most popular, redefining the role of a modern media. People will have more interest in listening and knowing of who screwed up the most than who have the most success. TV, the most powerful hypnosis machine, exacerbates the situation further. People are prone towards critism that when they get compliments, those were thought as sarcasm.


While in much defence, the critics are the people who are defiant, aiming to change the status quo and have nothing to lose, their presence is paramount in order for us not to be a single minded society. Yet, often enough, many people tend to chastise more without giving any solutions nor having any ideas of how their critism can help. These are people who are there, existing under the shades, hoping everyday that the wind will blow down the tress so they can feel the sunlight while cursing why the wind is not strong enough.*


While me and Bujja were talking about some issues at Starbucks, we came into a point, where the grouping of Malays is so simple: top and bottom. And as sadly, as a Malay, I know how those at the bottom is. These are people that criticize a lot, indoctrinating everyone around them including their children of how the government had not done enough for them, while acknowledging they get some benefits from the government in the name of Bumiputera, son of the soil.


Sometimes, me myself wonder, have the government not done enough? On what basis does them chastising the government of not helping them? Why does the Chinese, in spite of not getting many privileges and benefits, continue to thrive forward, without any complaints?


And finally, rather than continue to have an Eeyore attitude, complaining about everything while not doing anything for change, why not just be grateful and happy as it is like Pooh?


*the under the shades is a metaphor. It is coherent with people, who are not grateful of what they have (that is, the shade) and want the government to give them more (the sunlight) while cursing at the government for not helping them. It is impossible to help these kind of people, like hoping for a wind to blow down the trees. But if the wind does, would it really help them and are as what they expected?