Since the annual UTP EDUCAMP is going to commence soon, this entry is aimed to help all the candidates to ace the EduCamp (much to a one day interview session actually). The reason for it to be called EDUCAMP is because the previous event (long long time ago which was during my sister’s time, 2004) was organized for 3 days. And now, to simplify the things more and cater to big numbers of candidates, they (UTP) made EDUCAMP to become a one day event running for three days.

How does UTP EDUCAMP works?

When you register, you will be put into groups of A, B, C and D. In each group, there are some figures, where it states your turn e.g. C79 (My number hehe). Usually, the ones in Group A and B will have their interviews before noon (so if you want to go back early, do come early to UTP). Then, you will be put into a group of 6. You (and your groupmates) will be given a paper explaining the topic that you got and the questions that you need to answer to the interviewer without discussing with your groupmates.


Next, you and your groupmates will be summoned (hmm summoned) to a room with an interviewer waiting for you. The first thing he/she will ask is your full name, where you are from, your high school and also your parents’ occupation. Then, the interviewer will ask you to present your case study.


Subsequently, you and your groupmates will have to choose a group leader. You will discuss with your groupmates on how to concretize your case study by listening to and debating on their opinions. Upon having all the clarity needed, the group leader will present the case study to the interviewer.



1. Do early research(es)

Know what the world is about. Sharpen your mind. Go and search on the potential issues and topics. My topic was about banning Genetically-Modified Food (GM Food).  Thank God, I learnt a bit about GM Food through biology. But, you cannot depend on luck much, can you? You need to at least understand what is going on in this world and have a basic knowledge of how the economy, politics and social are affected in making out some decisions (such as banning the GM Food of course) so you can have many different angles when giving out your point of views.

2. Sleep early

You need a good sleep to wake up early. This is an interview.

3. Dress formally

For guys, you know what to wear; A shirt with a tie and also black pants and black leather shoes. Girls, the usual formal wear; baju kurung/office wear/any appropriate dress

4. Be confident

Don’t be scared of the interviewer no matter how intimidating he/she looks. Just let it all out. Take a deep breath before answering. Have a good posture that lets you to be comfortable so you look confident.

5. Let others speak too

This is very paramount. No one likes to see a one man show or too much dominance in group discussions. That’s not how professionals work. Professionals will always open to any opinions and in interview, you need to be as professional as you can. Respect is the gist of it.

6. Write everything you need to say

Write. If possible in point forms. People always don’t get the idea of write what you want to speak. They tend to write everything and refer to everything on the paper thus disrupting the flow. Try to fill in the paper with a lot of stuffs. That way, the litigators/interviewers can see how determined you are to ace the interview (plus you will look smart)

So yeah, I hope I help you guys enough (or at least a bit) to ace this. Just believe you can do it. No pressure!