Hi earthlings…

….or should I say, the one that i am aiming for this entry, the 98s whom just freshly received the heart-skipping PMR results! To those who achieve as per targeted or above targeted, congrats! And to those who did not, well, congrats too ! (at least you guys did make it for PMR) Or better enough, I should just offer my condolence and hey, it’s not the end of the world. This is where I will touch on in my entry.

As usual, every people will have variety of responses and reactions after getting the results. But what I am trying to tell you guys, from this get-go, that the PMR results is not everything (no offence to those who really strive hard).

Why am I saying that? Well, obviously, MHOs (that’s My Honest Opinion) in this will revolve around two types of people, those who get what they hope for and did not get what they hope for their PMR Results.

Part One

Those who get good results as per targetted, form 4 is a lot different then your 3 years of lower secondary. Honeymoon is a trap! While, I agree that after this big test, the 3 years of hardworking with exercises, past year questions, tuitions and what not, you need a break. Everyone needs a break after one big event.

But there’s a reason why form 4 is called the honeymoon year, in contrast of what people always thought. Have you ever ask yourself what is the true meaning of honeymoon? A short yet refreshing break where you need not to worry about anything in the past because you are starting a new chapter. That’s exactly what the term ‘honeymoon’ in form 4 is about! Short and sweet.

Ever seen any newlyweds have a year long honeymoon, saying this is because they need a break after going through a lot? No! They all have like one or two weeks of honeymoon. Then, they start a new chapter with a new breath.

But what students are doing (and from past have done) is they treat the form 4 life, as a honeymoon year! One year of break!

Look, I was a high school student too. I got the results as I hoped for. But my mistake was to treat the form 4 year as a no study year, since I really worked my ass off in form 2 and form 3 for PMR. I felt that because I achieved that PMR result, I am at the top of the world. I know I am smart so I started to be complacent.

Try to imagine that you have the sheer hardwork for 3 years for PMR only, but you only have 2 years to prepare for SPM, one of the toughest examination in the world where your future is determined. Do you wanna let your 1 year initial preparation, a basic, a platform built with a shaky structure? or worse, no structure at all?

Plus, this is probably a cliche but it is cliche because it’s true, that your form 4 results do have a weightage in applying for scholarship that y0u were dreaming of.

Exxonmobil, Khazanah, to name a few, that require your form 4 results in their scholarship application forms. How do you feel, putting yourself as the interviewer or selector, to see an application form, of Bidin, form 4 results barely have an A- let alone other high As but have string of As in his form 5 results? Or compare with Nina, who was consistently performing in her form 4s and form 5s exams. Who do you think will start off with a high note at his/her Pre-U studies or first degree year, not wasting your money (or people’s money(tax), assuming it’s the government’s *BURSARY* *MARA* *JPA*)

Plus, to improve your CV too, the form 4 year is the perfect year for you to develop yourself into someone for your school be it in co-academic or sports, fighting to be in the first team and to achieve great measure in debate, rugby, basketball etc. You do not have a big exam that year to worry about so what’s stopping you to be Top Speakers or Players?

Part Two

Those who did not get good results, dont worry guys! What are form 3 results to be proud of other than to friends and family? I mean, you do not go to interview and say, “hey, I should get this scholarship because I get straight As in PMR, regardless of my SPM results and you should ignore my SPM results because I get straight As in PMR”. You see?

PMR is just a child’s success, it does not determine your future. Ever wonder why the MoE had abolished the PMR for those who were born on 99s and onwards? There is no significance or relevance of PMR results for your SPM later on.

This can be hitherto a start of a new chapter, a turn of a new leaf in attitude. If you were some lazy bastard, it is not too late to change to be a hardworking student.

I do have some friends, whom did not get the PMR results that they hope for but after a U-turn of attitude with consistent study, they get very good results for SPM, having strings of As (better than me)!

Well, that is the way of people in going throug their life. People, like the nature, changes when there is interference, either good or bad. Make this PMR results as the interference, a wake up call, for you to change. Gain the respect of friends and teachers. Until when do you want to be called a slacker?

When you strive when others sleep, and you get good results all the way to SPM, and get scholarship and fly or whatsoever, will there be any people that will call you a slacker?

Take the oppurtunity. Build this platform, streghten the basic so that you will not have a problem in constructing your dream onwards.

Part Three (Conclusion)

Well, that’s all I need to say to the 98s. Good luck in your life as a senior. Do not look back because if you don’t look front, you will eventually stumble.

P/S: If you do not get good results for PMR but get a good result for SPM, and if someone were to laugh about your PMR results, you laugh back at them from London or Sydney or wherever 😉

*The writer is among the few complacent ones who get good results for PMR but not SPM. He realized no matter how much he weeps, he could never turn back the time and return to form 4 again. He felt obligated to advice the juniors to reaffirm their feet on the ground, as they are not on top of the world yet, and if they fall, they’ll fall hard*