I just re-watched the Life of Pi, again. Can’t remember how many times I watched it but once I am watching it, honestly speaking I couldn’t stop and change to other channels (I don’t even bother to check out what’s on the other channels!)



In my opinion, it is an excellent story, narrated by the main character, Mr Patel or known as Pi (Pie). The story has lots of ups and downs and at certain point, you feel there’s a force so powerful in the story that you want to continue to know, what happen next.

Of course, this is only a fiction. Since there are lots of fictional stories being made up, Life of Pi deserves to be one of the most powerful, believable and realistic fictional story.

But one should not stop at asking the possibility or the truthfulness of  a myth, legend, or story. The thing that ones need to focus on is not “is it true?” but “why did it happened?”. A story is not a story without a reason, even if it is just a made up or fictional, there must be reasons why did the story exists.

‘That’s what fiction is about, isn’t it? The selective transforming of reality?’

And here is some of my reasons why(and how) Life of Pi touches my heart and soul.

1. Pi’s extraordinary family’s ownership of a ZOO

Ever wonder who owns the zoo? You always have friends that own cats, dogs, iguanas etc as their pets but have you met someone who has the whole animals that people pay to watch as his pets? A Bengal tiger named Richard Parker is the one that fascinates him the most (and we’ll get to that down the list).

2. His polytheism belief

For Pi, God comes in many spiritual ways. He adopts Buddhism, Christianity and Islam at the same time, only to be ‘forced’ to choose one. For him, if one’s truly believe in one God, or the God, why need to have differences? While adopting all three of the religion, he claimed to feel filled spiritually,that even with many practices of religions, the aim is only one: to have God in life. His key is belief, and not necessarily one.

I pause. What of God’s silence? I think it over. I add:

An intellect confounded yet a trusting sense of presence and of ultimate purpose.

3. His lost of family

Shipwrecked. Lost all his family members to the great Pacific Ocean. Being a lone survivor with no friends. Cliche though.

4. Continuing to survive with his (unlikely) friend, Richard Parker the tiger.

This is where the story really starts. I cannot provide you a summary here though. But what I can say is for every moment spent with Richard Parker, there is a story behind it. Those stories are there, giving lessons to people about survivor, faith and belief. The strongest lesson is for you to have faith in God, to not understand His ways is not the reason for you to stop believing and putting down your faith. God gave you life for you to continue your life, and not to give up and end it.

5. The importance of companion in facing challenges in our life.

‘If I still had the will to live, it was thanks to Richard Parker. He kept me from thinking too much about my family and my tragic circumstances. He pushed to go on living. I hated him for it, yet at the same time I was grateful. I am grateful. It’s the lain truth: without Richard Parker, I wouldn’t be alive today to tell you my story.’

6. The ending

I literally cried. Mr Patel also cried. He was sad because Richard Parker did not turn and give out a roar or anything, to say goodbye when they reached the shore. He thought after all they went through, Richard Parker and him are friends.

‘In our lives, we will leave behind many things. But the saddest thing is not to be able to have a little moment to say goodbye. When we were shipwrecked, I lost my family. But sadly I was not able to say goodbye. Not able to say thank you to my dad, who had taught me a lot in my life. Who without him, I would not be alive today’

So, that’s all my opinions about Life of Pi. To anyone who have not watched it, please do so. For those who did, don’t fret to rewatch it. It is worth for your moment.

*The writer’s guide in the list is obtained from the Reader’s Guide in the Life of Pi book. Hope for some feedbacks. Thanks 🙂