Hello Sydney!

Here I am. After almost 5 years. I told my parents this is the city I want to study. That was back in 2010. Flash-forward to year 2015, I set my foot once again, to the same airport, on the same season (Summer) in the (awesome) city of Sydney.

I’ll skip my pre departure stories because for me, for all my family and friends have done for me, they deserve a single post. And I’ll get to that soon (I hope).

So, yeah, I am back here once again and this time it’s not because of some short vacation but for studying. And that dream/goal I set back in 2010, I can say that I officially achieve it!

The only difference? I wanted to go to University of Sydney because the campus looks like a friggin Hogwarts! But later on I realized for my course, University of New South Wales is the best uni for me. Plus, their modern architecture is wonderful as well!

The flight food was horrible to say the very least but it filled my empty stomach nonetheless. When I arrived at the airport, I went to the declaration counter and surprisingly, my bags aren’t opened at all eventhough I brought in some chicken/meat floss, noodles and Babas curry.

The seniors told me later on the whole checking stuffs depend on your face and your confidence. Well, I can easily draw a conclusion that I look like a typical good Malaysian full with confidence *wink*

I am one of those lucky few whom already had a place upon arriving cause I tell you, it isn’t easy to find a house with a reasonable price and distance as well.

So, upon arriving and unloading my luggage, had a bit of shower (after 8 hours in the plane and that sweating from carrying 40kg of bags up the stairs to level 3), and then I went to UNSW with my fellow housemates. It is, surprisingly very near to my house.

And the campus is so huge that I regretted wearing flip flops. First impression? Lots of Asian looking people! I mean everywhere I turn, I can only see non Asian as minorities. Well, that was expected tho and reconfirming the status of UNSW as a good school.

Well, not much to talk about after only just few hours setting foot here. Will be going to shopping for some furniture and groceries tomorrow.

And hopefully I enjoy the life to the fullest here that I can already decide whether to be back home during Raya or not. Because face it, Raya at home and abroad will never be the same.

Anyways, it’s always good to be back once again 🙂

Me and Jazlan in the departure hall (Chose this photo coz i look good haha)
Me and my seat-mate in the airplane. asked for apple juice, got an unopened big box of Apple Juice. God bless the steward. May the airline promote him :p
Me and my seat-mate in the airplane. asked for apple juice, got an unopened big box of Apple Juice. God bless the steward. May the airline promote him :p
Cloudy upon arriving. Shame
Typical wings on clouds picture from the plane window
Touchdown! The airport is beside the sea
Typical first pose in front of the airport. Gangstah sign there
University Mall, as so it’s called. I prefer to call it Sprint track if i’m late to class
Cliche photo in front of the not-so-big UNSW sign
Nightime. To many more days, months and years ahead
2010. UniSyd/Hogwarts. I was so thin back then