First Solat Jumaat at Uni

Last Friday was my first Friday prayer at the Uni. There wasn’t any mosque but I think it has been long that my uni had allowed an indoor basketball court to be used as the venue for the weekly prayers.

My uni also has provided a spacious room for normal prayers as they provide venue for students of multifaith. And I’m impressed with that as well cause it gives opportunity to everyone, especially the Muslims who have to pray 2 or 3 times at the university as well as easing the students whom might have to go to class directly after prayers.

Of course, there aren’t any minarets or any call for prayers (Adhan) and the khutbah can only be listened indoors.

When I arrived, the kathib was a normal Malaysian student. No Ustaz, no long khutbah with many hadith and Quran verses. No kids asking for donations for many causes. No trucks selling fruits, drinks, laksa, rojak etc outside. No bananas outside the hall donated by anyone instead, the interesting part is there’s donuts!

This is my first experience of being a minority in a country where call for prayers and even mosque aren’t a normal sight.

Yet, everyone here respect each other’s faith and differences, choosing to accept everyone as part of the society.

Donuts instead of the usual...bananas
Donuts instead of the usual…bananas