Toranga-Balmoral Trekking

Last weekend (on Sunday the 22nd of February), I went for a morning trekking with my fellow housemates.

Believe me, waking up in the morning on weekend is still the hardest thing to do. Yet, morning activities seems more fun certainly.

We took the bus to Circular Quay and the ferry to Taronga. On Sunday, the fares are all $2.50 including the ferries as well hence making any trips on Sunday would be a good thing to do.

View of the Opera House from the ferry

Along the journey, I am amazed with the spectacular views of the seas by the greenery of Taronga. If one were to only walk by the Sydney Opera House, only cruises and ferries can be seen. However, from Taronga, a whole new view of the seas that flows to Sydney can be seen. You can even clearly see the ‘gate’ that divides Sydney and the vast open sea.

The gate
The gate

We had few stops because me and my roommate were quite unfit for the 8km walk without stop to have great view of the seas and the city. We were out of breath (due to the amazement by the view along the way). It’s a view to die for. We saw some houses up there as well and my housemates told me that they wish to live at one of the houses one day.


Me and my housemates
Me and my housemates

Who wouldn’t? Spectacular view, serenity; you name it all.


Along the way, I am still wondering how the hell did some of the people could have jogged on our route? It was full of stairs and dirt and sands. However, the path was certainly in good condition, apart from where I almost fell down after tripping myself.

Them both
Them both

We stopped by the Chowder Bay where there were a lot of small boats and yachts being ‘parked’ by the jetty. We had our picnic of sandwich and fruits prepared by Syazlin, one of our housemate.

People swimming at the area enclosed by the jetty


We continued our journey up to the Balmoral Beach. Little that we know, as time passed slowly, more stairs were coming and stamina died off quicker than i thought, we arrived, at the Balmoral Beach. There were many people sunbathing, playing by the sea water as well as walking by the beach like us. We took some photos and enjoy the view as the ‘gate’ of the open sea can clearly be seen.

One day, i’ll bring ma girl and have some stranger taking ma picture with ma girl…. But first, gotta find ma girl


After we took some photos, it was time to head back to the Athol Warf to catch the ferry back to the Circular Quay. It was a really tiring journey yet a much satisfying one.

Honestly, I fell in love with Sydney every single time I explore new places here.

What i meant by 'view to die for'
What i meant by ‘view to die for’