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My name is Muhammad Faiz bin Azizan and is known as Faiz Azizan. Already 20 this year and loves to write, read and debate (and some sports too *cough*). Currently studying at Australia.

I secretly love law, economics and politics. These three powerful elements that if some can have a grasp on them, they have the grasp of the world. Yet, I am an engineer to be (Insya Allah) and hopefully finishing my studies at Australia by 2018.

I was introduced to wordpress through michelle  who captures and posts her memories through blogging. While people often use blogspot or the microblogging fame in the name of twitter, wordpress seems like a cool and smooth avenue for me, someone who wants his work to look neat and nice but do not wish to put any effort in learning to edit the blog through htmls that would results in colourful backgrounds and fonts. Nay.

Nothing special about me, just with only some uniqueness (since every human beings is unique). I could write a lot about me but in the end, it all goes down to the readers’ effort to get to know me better. Of course!

I am all the Realist. Pessimist. Optimist. I myself wonder why I could not choose a side (even with friends, I guess?). I often have many stuffs to read. Too many I guess.  I am always interested in the world’s issue and also about self-enrichment. My mind is open to a lot of philosophies, ideologies, dogmas and what not. It always fascinates me to know more about many things even if people say they are dangerous or provocative. Thus, I prefer to read a lot of things from different perspectives via internet articles and books.

Talking about books, I am an addict. I would cry if someone were to break into my house and take all my books instead of my other stuffs. They are valuable and I am indebted to books for my quite a good grasp in my english.

Social networking is my second addiction followed by games and sports (I am amazed how food is not in the list). Twitter is my biggest threat from studying. Me and my phones? Inseparable (with only one condition; books)

This blog is, oh well, like all blogs do, to tell you some stories, interesting articles, analatycal thoughts or just some emotional tete-a-tete with myself (which defeat the purpose of tete-a-tete when I am letting them out). But I can promise you (not sure to attract your attention after the pessimism or just an honesty) that this blog is not just a normal blog. It is something special for me although was abandoned quite few times (we all know why….procrastination). There is a reason why it is still alive until now.

And hopefully, it stays alive.


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